Belltech installed on Ford Truck

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In 2015, Ford came to market with its wild aluminum bodied truc ks. These trucks are light in weight and have massive power numbers. This is where our parent company, KW Suspension came into play. With a spring rate of virtually nothing, Belltech was given t he task of creating a firm, yet more comfortable solution. It’s safe to say that Belltech knocked it out of the park, as Shel by USA is supplied by Belltech for its 750HP Super Snake F150. The kit used on the Shelby is part number 1001SP- this broken d own comes with front adjustable struts (lifting/lowering), rear flip kit and rear dampers. Take it one step further with our state of the art sway bar.

Belltech Ford Truck on Drop Kit

At one point, this platform was the highest selling truck in America. Today, it holds a very traditional look, unless it has a Belltech co mplete drop kit. The generation also harbors the famous Lightning supercharged trucks that are getting harder and harder to find.

Belltech increases performance on Ford Truck

Be sure to take a look at our award winning drop spindle desig n that offers best geometry in class, it truly keeps the look of this truck alive. Past the aesthetics, the vehicle handles both sport and comfort magnificently.

Belltech Ford Truck

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The future of truck suspension is now

Belltech Sport Trucks recently developed a new suspension set up for late model Dodge, GM and Ford. This new lowering package contains sway bars, lowering kit (where applicable) and four full-adjustable shock absorbers. The driving behavior can individually be adjusted to the preferences of the driver using the dampers that are independently adjustable in rebound and compression.

Suspension technology in detail

The twintube shocks features the same adjustable damper technology like the well-known worldwide KW Variant 3 coilover shocks. With this separate adjustability it is possible to select a stiffer or more comfortable suspension setup on demand. The rebound damping is adjustable with 16 clicks and allows the driver to directly take influence on the handling and the driving comfort. By increasing the rebound forces, the body movements are reduced. With the compression damping, adjustable in twelve clicks, the traction of the tires can be increased and the handling can further be influenced. For our dampers, pre-configured high speed compression valves are also used. The great advantage of this is comes when driving over large cross joints or speed bumps, the bypass channels in the dampers are opened and the piston rod can immerse. Put simply, the wheel deflects when driving over a bump and at high speeds; the tires do not lose ground traction. By using this blow-off-characteristics from the KW valves technology, driving becomes even safer.

In addition, the Belltech Sport Truck shocks give every customer the ability to lower their late model trucks to improve the sporty ride quality of the vehicle, we also suggest installing our rear sway bar when its available. Reduce body roll and increase stiffness by connecting the opposite wheels of a truck using a steel torsion spring (sway bar). The bar greatly improves road handling during rapid load changes and hard cornering by reducing the load difference between the inside and outside wheels during the corner so the handling also improves. For more information click here.


Belltech Ford Complete Lowering Kit 1001SP

Ford Truck complete lowering kit - 1001SP

Belltech Ford Lifting Lowering Strut 25007

Ford Lifting/Lowering Strut 25007