Belltech Complete Lowering Kits

Complete Lowering Kits

Lower your Sport Truck or SUV right the first time. Belltech's complete lowering kits include all the parts and pieces you need to achieve not only the look you WANT, but the alignment, and performance & safety you NEED.

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Belltech Perfornace Handling Kits

Handling Kits

Belltech Performance Handling Kits include sway bars,
lowering kit (where applicable) and four full-adjustable shock absorbers.

Performance Handling Kits

Belltech provides the “Performance Handling Kit”.These kits include all the components required to lower your vehicle safely and properly in one part number. Belltech has expanded our complete kit line to include a much wider ranger of truck and SUV applications that now include height adjustable coilovers. In these new applications, our engineers have focused on every detail to make each kit hassle free and includes all necessary parts to complete the job right the first time.

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Performance Handling Kits PLUS

To simplify your search to lower your vehicle Belltech provides the “Performance Handling Kit”. These kits include all the components required to lower your vehicle safely and properly in one part number. Belltech Performance Handling Kits Plus offer independent compression and rebound valves provide additional dampening control.

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Belltech Shocks


When you think about lowering your Sport Truck or SUV, historically the most overlooked component is the shock absorbers,
with many Sport Truck or SUV owners simply leaving the factory units installed as a “good enough” after thought.

Nitro Drop2 Shock Absorbers

The completely new designed Nitro Drop 2 shocks bring a high performance blend of internal valve technology and state of the art construction at a price never seen before for your vehicle.

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Street Performance Shock Absorbers

Our engineers focused their attention on tuning the low speed compression characteristics of this shock absorber, which is responsible for controlling your Sport Truck or SUV’s pitch and roll, dive and squat to help keep you confident and in control. The “Progressive” rebound tuning will complement large aftermarket wheels, keeping the ride smooth but firm and in control.

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Belltech Lowering Struts

Lifting/lowering strut

The Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts not only provide the performance & safety that you can only get from Belltech, but allow you to adjust the ride height of the front end by up to a 2” Lift to level out the factory front to rear rake, as well as all the way down to a 3” lowering in half inch increments with the same part! (Depending on application)

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Belltech Drop Spindles

Drop Spindles & Ball joints

Drop Spindles

Belltech Drop Spindles offer a 2 or 3 inch drop depending on the application, while improving handling and retaining factory ride quality.…

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Ball Joints

When GM introduced the successor to the wildly successful S-series platform, Belltech was the first on the scene. With the latest design techniques, our engineers developed what this platform needed, the Belltech Ball Joint.

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Belltech Coilover Kits

Coilover Kits

Belltech Coilover systems by KW provide complete height adjustable replacement shocks and springs in an application specific complete coilover unit.

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Belltech Alignment Kits

Alignment Kits

Belltech alignment kits provide you the perfect solution for all of your alignment needs. Their selection of Front end Alignment kits and Driveline Alignment kits to give you the ultimate handling.

Front End Alignment Kits

A typical Belltech front end alignment kit will consist of new “cam” eccentrics for the upper control arms which provide increased range of adjustment (typically up to 2 degrees) above and beyond what is offered from the factory.

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Driveline Alignment Kits

Driveshaft Spacer - Universal Pinion Shims - Center Carrier Bearing Kit if more adjustment for proper rear driveline angle is required, then our Driveline Alignment Kits are your solution.

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Belltech Anti-Sway Bars

Anti-sway bars

One of the most notable improvements you can make to your Sport Truck or SUV is the addition of Belltech Anti-Swaybars. The reduction of the boat-like body roll not only creates a more confident driving feel, but by keeping the body flat in turns and during emergency maneuvers increases the safety factor as well. Again this is one of the best upgrades that you can do for the price.

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Belltech Coil Springs

Coil springs

Each coil is manufactured from chromium alloy steel and is wound, shot peened then powder coated to exact specifications to assure the proper ride height, ride quality and long life you have come to expect from Belltech products.

Coil Springs

Belltech Lowering Coil Springs have been engineered to provide the visual lowering you are looking for with the OEM quality that you have come to expect from Belltech. Unlike many other offerings on the market, Belltech specializes in not only ride comfort & quality, but increasing the handling performance of your Sport Truck or SUV as well.

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Pro Coil Springs

Belltech advanced lowering kit which includes Belltech‘s high quality coil springs and engineered vehicle specific upper spring or strut mount spacers allowing you to have 2 lowering height options with one purchase.

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Belltech Flip Kits

Flip Kits and C-Notch

When a mild drop is just not enough, Belltech can bring the heat. Belltech Flip Kits provide dramatic lowering on the rear of your Sport Truck or SUV by relocating the rear axle of your truck from under to on top of the leaf spring.

Flip Kit

Belltech Rear flip kits are engineered for each individual application, and manufactured with high quality steel and feature a durable powder coated finish and Grade 8 hardware.

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Belltech C-Notch Kits are bulletproof over-engineered frame modification and reinforcement systems that allow for additional compression or upward travel of your rear suspension, essential when limiting the travle of your vehicle.The steal that we use is stronger than your frame!

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Belltech Shackle and Hanger Kit

Shackle & Hanger

By engineering bracketry or replacement components (Belltech Shackles and Hangers) to reposition the front and/or rear leaf spring mounting points (spring eyes) you can simply and effectively lower your leaf spring equipped Sport Truck or SUV without changing the factory leaf spring. This allows you to retain OEM ride quality and possibly more importantly factory load capacity.

Shackle Kit

Belltech Shackle Kits are designed drop the rear of your Sport Truck or SUV up to 2 inches. For some applications we also offer a ½” lifting Shackle Kits.

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Hanger Kit

Belltech Hanger Kits are designed to lower the rear of your Sport Truck or SUV 2 or 3 inches while maintaining the OEM quality ride.

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Shackle & Hanger Kit

Belltech Shackles and Hanger Kits are designed to lower the rear of your leaf spring equipped Sport Truck or SUV by up to 5” depending on the application.

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Belltech Leaf Springs

Belltech Leaf Springs

By recalculating the arch of the leaf spring and compensating with the appropriate spring rate through the latest manufacturing techniques, Belltech’s leaf springs are designed to easily lower the rear of your leaf spring equipped Sport Truck or SUV by up to 4 inches depending on application.

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Belltech Lowering Blocks

Belltech Lowering Blocks

On Mini Trucks with the rear axle on top of the leaf spring, Belltech Lowering Blocks provide an inexpensive, easy to install way to lower your Mini Truck by increasing the distance between the leaf spring and the axle, effectively lowering the vehicle.

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Belltech Torsion Bars

Belltech Torsion Bars

By re-indexing the center section of the Torsion bar key, your ride height is changed simply and effectively with Belltech Torsion Bar Keys.This is an inexpensive option that helped pave the way for the success of Belltech.

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Belltech Accessories


Pinion Shims

Belltech alignment kits provide you the solution for all of your alignment needs. If more adjustment for proper rear driveline angles is required, our pinion shims are your solution.

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Bump Stops

Belltech Bumpstops are designed to compliment any suspension lowering kit. The urethane bumpstops provide a pad to stop suspension travel in case of a severe overload. All our bumpstops come with threaded studs for easy bolt-in installation.

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Transmission Crossmembers

Belltech crossmembers are designed to exceed OEM load specifications and are direct replacement of the factory unit. Again of 2.25” of clearance is achieved using the Belltech crossmember. Belltech’s low profile design reduces the risk of bottoming on extremely lowered trucks.

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Shock Extension kit

In many cases when lowering your vehicle the travel of your suspension is reduced, resulting in the need for a shock absorber designed to work with shorter travel, such as our Nitro Drop 2 or Street Performance Shocks.

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