The Belltech Story

Just as the idea of customizing sport trucks was catching on in the ‘80s, a small company in Fresno, California decided to build a suspension system that would not only lower trucks, but do so in a way that would change the way they would ride for decades to come. Belltech’s pioneering efforts more than 30 years ago serve as the foundation of the company’s success today with a focus on engineering, research and development and most importantly quality.

Belltech Today

Belltech’s growth during the past two decades have made it possible for the company to grow from a modest beginning, to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Belltech’s Clovis operation provided the opportunity for the company to expand its business including additional space for both its engineering and Research and Development teams. The new additions have resulted in the development of new products like the GM Colorado/ Canyon lowering ball Joint and the new line of Ford F-150 drop spindles. Whether it is starting an entirely new trend or continuing to improve upon existing products, Belltech has become recognized as a leader in the suspension industry. What began more than 20 years ago as an idea is now one of the most respected companies in the industry. In fact, it is that same entrepreneurial spirit, focus on customer service and uncompromising quality that make Belltech one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of suspensions.