Belltech’s lowering and lifting Struts - LIFT, LEVEL, LOWER & OEM REPLACEMENT

Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts

Do you have a New F150, Silverado/Sierra/Yukon/Suburban/Avalanche Titan or Tundra?
Are you unhappy with the factory front end lean?
Are you tired of the boat-like handling?
Are you running aftermarket wheels?
Do you want to get that lowered stance, but afraid of what it will do to your Handling?

Belltech Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts are the answer.

On the new trucks that are running the McPherson type front struts:

  • 04+ Ford F150
  • 07+ Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra
  • 07+ Chevy/GMC Tahoe, Yukon, Yukon XL, Suburban & Avalanche
  • 04-06 Chevy/GMC Colorado/Canyon
  • 02-07 Trailblazer/Envoy
  • 04+ Nissan Titan
  • 07+ Toyota Tundra

Belltech has developed the solution to correct many of the problems in the front ends of these vehicles, including the lackluster handling and performance of the factory McPherson Struts, utilizing the next generation valving technology of our new Street Performance Shock line.

In true Belltech style, the Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts not only provide the performance & safety that you can only get from Belltech, but allow you to adjust the ride height of the front end by up to a 2” Lift to level out the factory front to rear rake, as well as all the way down to a 3” lowering in half inch increments with the same part! (Depending on application)


The Lift / Lower Strut enables you to lower your vehicle -2” in ½” increments (-3” for select applications), combine this with a shackle kit to provide you a lowered and level appearance. Or match it with a flip kit for that more aggressive lowered stance.

Lifting & Leveling

The strut enables you to lift the front end of your vehicle +2” in ½” increments (+1” for select applications) Stock height replacement Strut!

OEM Replacement

Use it as a replacement strut at stock height. The strut provides better handling characteristics at maximum comfort - the perfect complement to larger wheel and tire package for that added control.

The Real Deal

Say No to Lift Spacers

Many of you are and have been doing a lot of these spacer kits that level out the new trucks. The Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts provide up to a 2" lift as the spacers do for about the same price, and with the Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts you get the added bonus of free set of performance shocks!

With an average retail of $240 for a front set, it is a great value. To match the newfound performance, ride comfort and safety of your new Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts, we highly recommend a matching set of rear Street Performance shocks!

OEM or Stock Replacement Struts

The Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts can be configured to be a simple factory replacement shock absorber. No extra parts or pieces needed, and with the factory GMC replacement part MSRP at $475.18 EACH (internet parts price of 300.64), our MSRP at $120 is a steal!

Lowering Springs

As the Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts lower in ½ inch increments up to a maximum of 2-3 inches (depending on the application) you can lower the trucks front end using the factory springs!

You can still use a lowering spring with these shocks, you just need to select the factory level height when you are installing to ensure proper shock travel for ride quality.


As the other suspension manufactures on the market DO NOT currently offer any shock solution for these trucks, the Street Performance Lift and Lowering Struts are compatible with every other manufactures kits, and are a welcome addition to the driver, providing the control these trucks need!


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